Voids Wrath is a modpack similar to Feed the Beast or Tekkit. Its main mods consist of:

-Divine RPG , a mod which adds many new dimensions, ores, weapons, bosses, and armours.

Ffbea Battle-Towers-Mod

-Battle Towers , a mod which spawns randomly generated towers with spawners and loot, and a boss on top.


-Mystcraft , a mod which allows the player to create custom dimensions with "modifiers", such as single biome, always day, and no weather.


-Tale Of Kingdoms , a mod which adds a small kingdom at upon creating a new world, which then the player collects gold from killing mobs, and upgrades the kingdom in size, buildings, and people living in it.

Voids Wrath also consists of many more smaller mods such as Bibliocraft, Enchanting Plus, Familiars Mod, and Damage indicators.

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